A Harlem Charter School and Supreme Court Justice nominees

I hope the semester ended well for everyone.  I just wanted to share some interesting articles I’ve been reading.

The first is an op-ed in the NYT this morning on a charter school in Harlem which has been showing very impressive results in improving test scores.

The second topic is the speculation that Sonia Sotomayor may become the next Supreme Court justice, and the extreme and sexist criticism of her that has been coming from the right wing.  While the NYT editorial on the topic did not mention that fact that clearly sexism and homophobia has been playing a role in the right wing attacks of potential nominees, I would suggest you take a look at the BitchPhD post on the topic, or this op-ed in the Washington Independent. Both point out the baselessness and bias in the attacks that have been made on Justice Sotomayor, the first focusing more on the sexism they show, while the second pointing out the lack of evidence in the attacks, and looks at other and more complete evidence of her history as a judge.

Have a great summer!


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