The Danger of Motherhood

Great op-ed in the New York Times on motherhood in West Africa, and the risks of childbirth. I specifically like that Kristof acknowledges the sexism in the world’s response (or rather, lack thereof):

It’s pretty clear that if men were dying at these rates, the United Nations Security Council would be holding urgent consultations, and a country such as this would appoint a minister of paternal mortality. Yet half-a-million women die annually from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth without attracting much interest because the victims are typically among the most voiceless people in the world: impoverished, rural, uneducated and female.

Anyway, it’s a good read, and I think something the F-word should address in the fall? Maybe we can do some kind of fundraiser drive, or awareness campaign? Kristof makes some suggestions on groups that address these issues in his blog, which is also a good read.


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